In these times, everyone wants to gain more control over their future and finances. Many folks have found their long-term employment terminated, others have found their 401 or 403’s dropped 40% or more of their value. Real Estate has been the sensible investment tool for many generations and folks would like to have a way back. There are options….

To obtain total control of your investment future and avoid being limited in your investments, the Self Directed IRA, LLC, Self Directed IRA with a Trust, Self Directed 401(k), and Franchise are unique and effective strategies.

The Self Directed IRA, LLC and Self Directed IRA with a Trust provide you an increased level of investment options such as real estate, access and ownership of a check book for the IRA, and reductions of fees and risks which increase your retirement profits.

The Self Directed 401(k) offers the ability to purchase a business or real estate and allows you the opportunity to loan money to people, including yourself.

Self Directed Retirement

A Self Directed IRA, LLC is a unique investment strategy that allows the investor to have check book control over their IRA account as well as increase the investment opportunities that are available.  The process basically involves the creation of an LLC and a checking account for it, the transfer of the investor’s current IRA to a new custodian which deals with Self Directed IRA’s, and the direction for the new custodian to transfer money to the LLC by means of purchasing ownership units or shares.  At this point, as operating manager of the LLC, the investor can direct investments from the LLC and use the checking account to make those investments.

Many benefits exist when you use a Self Directed IRA, LLC.  Aside from having check book control over your investments, you also have more options in making investments.  You can invest in real estate, tax liens, tax deeds, loan to others, or even buy into a business through your Self Directed IRA, LLC.  Still one of the major benefits with this strategy is the increased level of asset protection.  Any assets in the LLC are protected by not only all of the LLC laws and statutes but also all of the IRA laws.

Self Directed IRA with a Trust

A Self Directed IRA with a Trust is another investment strategy that offers check book control over your IRA. The set up process is somewhat similar to that of a Self Directed IRA, LLC.

The major difference, of course, is that a Trust is set up instead of an LLC. That being said, the process involves the creation of a Trust and a checking account, the transfer of the investor’s current IRA to a new custodian which handles Self Directed IRA’s, and the direction for the new custodian to transfer money to the Trust in exchange for Trust Certificates, which are similar to shares. As operating manager of the Trust, you then have check book control over your investments.

The benefits, much like the Self Directed IRA, LLC, include the ability to invest in real estate, tax liens, and tax deeds. A few additional perks make the Trust strategy a little more interesting. These include the fact that a Trust does not have state filing fees, avoids state franchise taxes, and is quicker to set up. Therefore, a Trust’s total cost of ownership is significantly less than the current LLC.

Self Directed 401(k)

A Self Directed 401(k) is a 401(k) plan that is set up for your company. You are then entitled to act as the Trustee for the 401(k)’s money since you are the manager of the company. By doing so, you are able to control both the investments and check book associated with the plan. The setting up of the Self Directed 401(k) involves the following: creating either an LLC or C-Corp and the subsequent plan, rolling over the money from an IRA or 401(k), setting up checking accounts for both the company and the plan, and directing investments by means of membership or stock purchases in your company or other entity.

By setting up a Self Directed 401(k), you attain investment and check book control. You are then able to purchase real estate, loan to yourself or others, purchase or start a business, and even invest in a franchise.

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