My husband/partner and I had spent many months trying to decide what a good name for our business would be, something that was outside of the box, something that would be memorable, something that would be eye-catching. Attention/Retention.

We were on our way hunting one fall and I was asleep as we traveled, which I do frequently. My husband was thinking about this name – “what are we going to call it, what are we going to call it”, and he said he looked over at me, peaceful, quiet and calm as I slept and it struck him Crazy Woman.

When I woke up he said to me, “Missy, I have the perfect name for your real estate company.” He continued, “but before you say anything, I just want you to think about it, just think about it.” I said hesitantly, “okay… what is it.” And he said, “Crazy Woman Realty”. I did as I said I would, I thought about it briefly, momentarily and then I said to him “why?”

His explanation – first off, it fits, second off, it is a name that is memorable, and it is very outside the box. I had to agree with him;  it fits and it will give me an excuse every day of the week to misbehave, sweeeet, it makes us very approachable, easy to talk to without having that high pressure real estate salesman, it’s also a name that is very memorable, it is very outside the box, which is what works for us because our method of business is not like your average realtor. We clearly are not your average realtor.

When I researched the various legends of Crazy Woman, I found several, the one that I liked the most was the Sioux legend. The Sioux Indian legend was of an old indian woman with long flowing white hair, who during a full moon, paddled her way up the rapids in her canoe and was considered to have brought good medicine to the various Indian villages she visited. My previous career was as a nurse so I liked the “good medicine”. I believe that because of the way we do our job and our beliefs of what a realtor should do for their buyers and sellers and I was outside of the box, it makes us very different and that makes for good medicine to my clients.

Years later… it does work, people call me Crazy Woman, I like it, I like being down to earth and easy to talk to. With relaxation in conversation, people can more readily absorb the information I give to them because they are comfortable. I love the attention, whether it come from driving down the road, or being in a parade, love being in parades, I’m not easy to forget.


There you have the legend of Crazy Woman Realty.

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