Our relationship with CRAZY Woman began eight years ago when we fell in love with Hulett and wanted to retire there, never knowing it would be a long but remarkable journey.  Will and Missy have always impressed us with their excellent customer service and commitment to finding the perfect spot just for us.  Their integrity and honesty is incomparable. Missy‘s knowledge of rules and regulations is outstanding while Will’s impressive knowledge of the local area helped us to keep from making that first wrong step. They did find our perfect spot on Strawberry Hill.  Our kids decided to come along eventually to the great State of Wyoming as well.  Knowing this, they let us know when a perfect piece was to come up for sale.  Because of their honesty and integrity, we purchased sight unseen for our kid’s future Homestead.  That says a lot right there! We are proud to call them friends!!   M.C. & D.C.

Will and Missy were our Buyers Agents, worked very hard, above and beyond, at times doing things for the seller side to make certain this happened for us. The property lacked insurable access, never been really surveyed and had service issues, all unknown to the previous owner. Pitbull’s!  G.G. 

“Moving across the country is never an easy task.  The knowledge of the area and various properties that both Will and Missy have was such a huge asset.  It was only surpassed by the tenacity to have the details right, it was a super experience.  Will and Missy had to do 95% of the work that the sellers agent did not do.  In our case they were the perfect buyers agent, but if you were listing, the results would be just as satisfying  They are just great people. KV & EV

“We have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Crazy Woman Realty for several years now. They sold our home and an apartment building for us. We were impressed with her knowledge and willingness to get things done. She is bright, personal and professional. Very detail oriented and competent. We are highly confident in recommending Crazy Woman Realty as you Realtor. BG & MG

“We spoke with Missy and then met with her at our home. She spent hours answering our questions, providing objective data regarding how many homes they sell, how long their listings typically stay on the market and informing us at to what we could expect the process to be. She made the process incredibly easy and took many photos of our home and yard.  When we saw our listing we were blown away. Her hard work and knowledge of what it takes to sell a home really paid off – our listing looked amazing and knocked out the competition. The second buyer that saw the property put in an offer.Once we accepted and Missy (and Bonnie, who was also incredibly friendly and helpful) walked us through every step of the closing process. It couldn’t have been a more pleasant experience.  I’ve recommended the Crazy Woman Realty to everyone I know. She’s a true professional and a genuinely nice gal. I realize it won’t always be this easy to sell your home, but I think you’d be hard pressed to find a better Realtor.” KC TC

“CHIP AND JOANNA have nothing on this team! They need their own show. They all worked to gather to get us our ideal property, and their knowledge in construction was second to none. We knew what we were in for with no surprises. They knew what the appraiser and inspector would be pointing out and it went so smooth it was enjoyable. HGTV call Team Crazy Woman!” C.C.

“I live in England, I purchased 3 parcels of investment property with Missy, all very well represented lots of detail on the property and the market that made making money easy! ” K.P.

“I have not bought yet, but when I contacted Crazy Woman 18 months ago she had no problem taking the time to talk to me and get me going in the direction I want to be when I retire in 8 months. They are in it for the long haul!” T.J.

“We are experienced buyers and they made it a breeze. Best we have worked with ever!” J.R. 

“Our first purchase, we were both very nervous. Missy stayed right there making sure our lender did her job, same with appraiser. We understood every step thru the process. Dedicated and knowledgable.”  C.R. 

“When we came across the website, we were engrossed in the vast amount of information provided and helped us in not only our Wyoming purchase but with the sale of our home in New York. Couldn’t be happier!” A.C.

“They don’t hold back, they should have their own TV show. Very entertaining and comfortable in their abilities.” H.R.

” Easy to work with and gets the job done. ” J.H.

” Passion for the job. ” M.A.

” More than just a Realtor… What made it successful? Her crazy ass wouldn’t give up! ” M.C.

” Sharing their LOVE of Wyoming with this old Pennsytuckian and showing me how to hunt down coyotes behind Pinedale! Ahhh, the precious memories I have of my visits with her & Capt Will ! ” S.R.

” The best Realtor I have ever had the pleasure of working with. You <Missy> didn’t become just my Realtor, you and your husband and family became my friends! I am blessed to know you all. ” M.H. & L.E.

” Don’t piss her off. ” K.P. 

” Honest, upfront, straightforward and gets the job closed. ” B.L. 

” Missy was very honest and straight forward in advertising and selling my house. She was definitely an advocate for me and worked to get me the best possible selling price. ” T.D. 

” Missy is incredibly knowledgable with the property we bought and also the properties around my property ensuring it was the perfect spot for us to buy. I would recommend Missy to anyone, especially someone who doesn’t now the area the are buying in. The previous realtors we have used in the past were trying to sell properties the had listed or would pay the highest commission. Best buying experience, good people to know in Crook County. ” M.L.R.

” Missy and Will worked VERY hard finding us land so we could build a house on it when we retired. They took us to see several different tracts of land before we found the one we wanted. Missy is very dedicated to her job and anyone who works with her will find her very patient and honest. If you are looking for a good real estate person  you must look no further. Missy is the person for you. ” K.S.

” Our home was saved when Missy stuck her nose in and called us. We were having a very hard time financially and was facing foreclosure. With her guidance and brutal honesty, our home was saved. We are still in it, 6 years later. ” C.H.

” Our first home purchase was something we never thought we would have. Missy counseled us, yelled at us, brutally rationalized with us, budgeted with us. It took a year to get our credit cleaned up, scores up and money saved. We have been in our home for 4 years. She didn’t need to do that, but it is who she is (bet her kids towed the line).  ” M.W.

” I called her to sell my property. She came to me. I have bought and sold throughout my life but never really made money at it. She listened to my history, but came prepared. She said she could ten fold my base investment. I laughed. She gave me market trends, and a price comparison. I was leery but thought I would like to make money for a change. She did not make ten fold, she did 9.66. Her competence in the market and her willingness to work for a good sale not a fast sale makes her top realtor in my book. ” P.M.

” The property we purchased did not exist until Missy found it for us. She didn’t stop at what was on the market, she found an owner willing to sell what we wanted. ”  K.S.

” Wasn’t sure about her light joking attitude on our first visit. Found Missy has great knowledge and is a first class smartypants very comfortable in her intelligence, enough to make our experience a very lively, happy one, well informed and learned more than any previous real estate deal we have had. ” S.R.

” Not compromising when she is right. High performance expectations of her colleagues. I told her she must expect less of others and she won’t be so disappointed. She still gets the job done. ” K.M.

” These two should have a tv show. ” C.A.

” Brutally honest. ” R.P. 

” Best realtor ever. No doubt you had my best interests in mind during the whole process. I’d highly recommend you! ” L.B.