105 COLE STREET, HULETT, WY ~ $145,000.00



Hulett is a quaint town of under 400 people and one grouch and is located in Wyoming’s Black Hills on the north rim. Hulett is nestled in the red hills along the Belle Fourche river in the northeast corner of Wyoming. This area is the lowest elevation in the state is a zone five growing area and supports apple, pear, and plum trees with a long growing season for whatever you want to grow in your garden.

This home is a prime example of small town living. With a lot and a half, it has a private driveway it is along the corner of the main thorough fare and Cole Street it has alley access to the rear the yard has perennial plantings such as roses and irises, an apple tree in the front and a cherry tree on the side with huge lilacs in the back. The property is fenced and has an interior fence for your pet with a cedar bed for pet comfort and exterior water hydrant to keep them watered as well. The home has been recently remodeled and has been well cared for during its life. On the main living floor is the master bedroom, bath and walk-in closet. Large living room, kitchen, dining area and walk in utility room. The upper level which by wouldn’t built in spiraling staircase has two nonconforming rooms and the bathroom with a shower. Has a functional basement with a large room and a utility room. NEW REMODEL – PICTURES TO BE UPDATED SHORTLY.






Lat & Long  44 41 05.37N  104 35 57.85W

Elevation 3768 msl


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