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Be Your Own Boss!! The Repair Shop is a turnkey truck and auto service center on the main thoroughfare in Sundance Wyoming. Situated on six city lots on the high visability intersection of Main and Cleveland. The Repair Shop is an established business with county wide client base. Exceptional reception area, and 3 bays for service. Two new lifts, 10,000 and 14,000 pounds, as well as tire servicing, overhead beam crane, and major equipment. Fluids containers are owned, as well as Fastenal supplies. Shell inventory in place, business has been closed.
The structure is solid with 3 bay overhead doors, steel siding and roof, with brick rear. Recently renovated with thermopane windows and insulated main door. New recovered oil heat system, air compressor updated electrical and paint. Equipment list below. Impressive! Bring your personal tools, everything else is there!
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