12 unit motel, 6 singles, 6 doubles, and 1 family room. All the rooms have been renovated and a security system in place. There is living quarters, 2B, 1B, for on site manager or owner. Motel is located between Mt. Rushmore and Devils Tower, a major tourist loop route.

The renovations include flooring, fixtures, designer paint and new beds and bedding. The parking lot was resealed. The common breakfast area is tastefully laid out and spacious. New telephone internet system has been placed. Occupancy has been near capicity since completion of renovations. Located in the Black Hills of Wyoming, in the county seat of approximately 1200 people is the quiet community of Sundance.  The town has all the city services, two public schools, pool, library, clinic, hospital, nursing home, and an assisted living facility.  Sundance is a growing community with superior business network and planning events to increase tourism. Nondisclosure required for financials.

Step into retirement or your next career as the Innkeeper of the beautiful and popular Arrowhead Motel. Join the comfortable friendly community of Sundance.